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2011-2012 Season

A MATTER OF SIZE--Sharon Maymon & Erez Tadmor, co-directors

In this touching, sweet comedy, four friends get tired of dieting and try becoming sumo wrestlers!

BROTHERS-- Igaal Niddam, director

Separated brothers--one secular and the other orthodox--reunite in Israel and their personal conflict is echoed in a legal battle around the separation of church and state.

MAN WITHOUT A CELLPHONE--Samah Zoabi, director

In this clever, political comedy, a twenty-something Israeli Arab lives for his cell phone but his olive-growing father draws him into a conflict with the authorities over a proposed cellphone tower.

MY AUSTRALIA--Ami Drozd, director

Two Polish boys learn that their mother really is a Holocaust survivor and when she decides to move to Israel they have problems fitting in.

DOLPHIN BOY--Dani Menkin, director

A true story about the healing powers of nature as a dolphin helps a boy recover from a vicious attach by his classmates.

MY BROTHER'S KEEPER--Ira Feinberg, director

A stirring documentary about the 4400 volunteers--Christians and Jews--who came from 56 countries to fight for independence

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EXODUS 1947--Robby Henson & Elizabeth Rodgers, co-directors

Using first-person accounts and archival footage, this documentary gives a behind-the-scenes view of the ship that tried to break the British blockade of Palesting.

SIXTY IN THE CITY--Nili Tal, director

In this funny documentary, a 61-year old Israeli woman goes looking for love on the internet.

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Rachel and Moti, both in their 70s, contront a crisis in their more traditional love affair.

2012-2013 SEASON

 A BOTTLE IN THE GAZA SEA-- Thierry Binisti, director

When an Israeli puts a message in a bottle and throws it into sea where it is picked up by a Palestinian boy in Gaza, an internet relationship begins but love echoes politics.

ROOM 514-- Sharon Bar Ziv, director

When a young idealistic Israeli military investigator confronts an elite officer accused of using unnecessary violence against an Arab in the Occupied Territories, her integrity and determination are put to the test.

THE GALILEE ESKIMOS--Jonathan Paz, director

Twelve senior citizens wake up one morning to find their kibbutz abandoned and developers planning to tear everything down.  As the seniors band together to fight the construction of a spa resort, they rediscover the pioneering spirit they had when the kibbutz was first founded.

THE POLICEMAN--Ephraim Kishon, director

A classic of Israeli cinema, this comedy focuses on an inept but soft-hearted policeman in Jaffa.

CIRCUS KIDS-- Alexandra Lipsitz, director

A group of teenage circus performers from St. Louis--made up of Jews and inner city blacks--travel to Israeli to train with Arab/Israeli teenage circus performers.  This spirited documentary shows what can happen when people focus on what they can build together instead of what sets them apart.

THEIR EYES WERE DRY--Brandon Assanti, director

A riveting docudrama about the 1974 Ma'alot massacre in which mjore than 100 students Israeli students were held hostage by Palestinian terrorists

ZEYTOUN--Eran Riklis, director

In this touching film, an Israeli fighter pilot is shot down over a refugee camp and captured but a young Palestinian boy helps him escape and find his way back to his base.

2013-2014 Season

Present Continuous-- Anar Preminger, director

After a neighborhood bombing, a Jerusalem mother decides the only way to keep her family safe is to lock them in the house over Shabbat.

Israel: A Home Movie--Arik Bernstein & Eliav Lilti, co-directors

A very personal history of Israel from the 1930s to the 1970s captured in home movies.

IGOR AND THE CRANES JOURNEY--Evgeny Ruman, director

In this coming-of-age movie, a Russian boy recently moved to Israel, keeps track of his estranged father and finally re-unites with him by tracking the winter migration of cranes via the internet.

SOLDIER ON THE ROOF--Esther Hertog, director

An unbiased look at the daily lives of Israeli settlers in Hebron and the soldiers who guard them.

EAGLES--Dror Sabo, director

In this Israeli version of GRAN TORINO, two grizzled veterans of the War of Independence try to teach the young respect for their elders.

CUP FINAL--Eran Riklis, director

In the 1982 Lebanon War, an Israeli reservist is captured by a group of Palestinians but the political enemies discover they share a passion for soccer and the World Cup games,  A critical and popular success, this film was a breakthrough for Israeli cinema when it was made in 1991.

2014-2015 Season

SHTISEL--Alon Zingman, director

This new Israeli hit TV series focuses on a Haredi family living in Jerusalem.   Filmed in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem, we meet Shulem and Akiva, father and son.

MAGIC MEN--Guy Nattiv & Erez Tadmor, directors

Winning a 2013 Ophir Award (Israeli Oscar) for his role as an elderly Jewish man, Makram Khoury sets off on a road trip with his estranged Hassidic son (who’s become a rapper) to find the magician who saved him during WW II in Greece.

UNDER THE SAME SUN--Sameh Zoabi, director

In the much hoped for/not too distant future, two businessmen—an Israeli and a Palestinian-- try to build a joint business venture, a new solar energy firm serving the needs of Palestinians in the West Bank

IS THAT YOU?--Dani Menkin, director

Newly unemployed, Ronni, a 60-year old Israeli projectionist, decides to travel to America to find Rachel, the love of his life.  A romantic road trip about the “road not taken” in life, it’s touching, funny and bittersweet as it raises the question of “what if?”

THE WONDERS--Avi Nesher, director

A femme fatale, a private investigator and a genial slacker join forces to rescue a kidnapped holy man in this unusual dramedy that mixes mystery, comedy, psychological thriller, political intrigue and romance.

ORANGE PEOPLE--Hanna Azoulay Hasfari, director

Grandma Zohara, who lives in Jaffa, is a psychic known in the Moroccan Jewish community for her ability to have prophetic dreams. But Zohara is growing old and wants her daughter Simone to take over.

THE CEREMONY--Avi Weissblei & Eliran Knoller, co-directors

At 80 years of age, Colonel David Rokni is organizing the national ceremony for Israel’s Independence Day.  As he has done for the last 30 years, he goes thru the arduous series of formations and foot drills for the traditional military parade as only he can do it

TRANSIT--Hannah Espia, director

This much praised debut film is a poignant portrait of Filipino guest workers in Israel. Set in Tel Aviv where the threat of a law deporting the children of migrant workers hangs over their lives.

2015-2016 Season

SH’CHUR — Shmuel Hasfari, director

This early film introduced Ronit Elkabetz (star of this year’s Gett) to the screen. After her father dies in 1972, Rachel journeys home to face memories of her traditional Moroccan family where her mother (played by well-known actress Gila Almagor) used ritual magic (sh’chur) to solve problems, where children were expected to obey custom, and where her disturbed sister found relief in the spirit world. 

YANA’S FRIENDS  — Guy Nattiv & Erez Tadmor, directors      I

A romantic comedy about Russian immigrants who arrive in Tel Aviv in 1991 in the midst of the Gulf War.  Alone, pregnant, and in debt, Yana finds herself sharing an apartment with Eli, an Israeli wedding photographer with a passion for casual sex. Two other parallel stories involve a neighboring couple who put the wife’s father, a Russian war hero, on the street in a wheelchair to beg; and a music teacher reduced to playing the accordion for coins and their bitter landlady.

TIME OF FAVOR — Joseph Cedar,director

A taut thriller about an Orthodox plot to take over the Temple Mount.  Menachem, the commander of an all-Orthodox military unit, lives on a West Bank settlement run by a rabbi (played by Asi Dayan) who preaches about the need for Jews to rule all the Holy Land.  He’s also in love with the rabbi’s daughter who’s been promised to his best friend. 

LATE MARRIAGE — Dover Kosashvili, director

Reflecting the new wave of Russian immigrants, this serio-comedy centers on Zaza (Lior Askenazi in his breakthrough role), a handsome, intelligent son of traditional-minded Georgian Jews who are anxiously trying to arrange a marriage for him. He’s secretly dating an older divorcée (Ronit Elkabetz) with a young child.

CAMPFIRE — Joseph Cedar, director  

During the early waves of the settlement movement, a lonely 42-year old widow and two teenage daughters try to join a new settlement for a sense of community.  But that involves meeting the group’s religious and ideological stands and when an emotionally damaging scandal hits home, the family fails the test. 

WALTZ WITH BASHIR — Ari Folman, director 

The most revealing war film ever made? The greatest animated feature to come out of Israel?  Both these descriptions could apply to this confessional account of Ari Folman's experience as a young soldier during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon. One night at a bar, an old friend tells him about a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by 26 vicious dogs. Every night, the same number of beasts.

AJAMI — Smadar Copti & Yaron Shani, co-directors

Teeming with Palestinian illegal immigrants, Israeli Arabs, Christians and Jews, Ajami is a neighborhood in Jaffa.  It’s also a bold crime drama in which a Bedouin extortionist is gunned down in self-defense, a teenager is mistakenly killed in retribution, and an entire Arab family faces extinction. Under the same roof, a young Palestinian risks his life and freedom to pay for treatment that would save his dying mother.

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